January 27, 2011


Sydney has once again charmed & exhausted us! After 4 days of meetings, catch-ups & logistical nightmares between 2 people, 1 car & 1 cell phone, we were delighted to take a breather & soak-in what we truly love about the city.

The catalyst came in the form of Steph, Shane & Jonty, who decided to join us for a 3-day escape [and I FINALLY got to spread my wings as tour guide extraordinaire...]

First on the list was a ferry ride & visit to Taronga Zoo, where we sweated our way around the beautiful park to look at bare-bottomed monkeys & lazy lions. And generally enjoy goofing around together.

And that was just the beginning. It might have been a short trip, but it wasn't short on outings, sight-seeing & laughs. And I'm sure that once Shane has slept for a week & Steph has recovered from all the humid-weather walking, they'll feel the same way too!

I look forward to sharing a little more with you soon.

[Oh, & if by chance you meet my nephew & he lets you know I "wet my pants" - do not be alarmed! He's referring to my fear of Crocodiles, without the actual Crocodile part. Nice.]


January 18, 2011

Hipstamtic Rd Trip to Melbourne

In an attempt to keep this blog going while feeling like I have a head full of cotton wool, here is my latest offering - iPhone snaps from the road.

Nate & I dodged the looming Victorian floods to visit Melbourne for 2 nights and it was truly worth the extra hours of detoured driving. There is nowhere quite like Melbourne...

{somewhere in country victoria, with the grampian's far in the distance}

{essential snackage}

{hotel windsor 1883}

{coffee in centre place}

{parliament house}

By the way, upon recent reflection, I can attribute my cotton-wool-head to 3 major factors - summer break, a tragic failure in list creation & my dear Dad being sick. This last one, & the effect it's had on my gray matter, has been most surprising...


January 10, 2011

Australia, part 1

Goodness me, I am WELL behind with a blog update & fear I've missed the boat altogether! That's what happens when you wander-off into the never-never land of rural South Australia.

I could give you a day-by-day breakdown of happenings, but you would be reading for a week, and I daresay that's testing the friendship! So instead, I'll squish it down to a few snapshots & one-liners from our time here thus far - because I love ya & love this crazy thing called blogging...

{ First-up - Christmas & all the trimmings }

{ Cuddle time with some cute kiddly-winks }

{ Splash-splashing in the fit-to-burst Murray River }

{ Precious time with family }

{ Food, food & more food }

{ And sweet time with my luv... }

There is still a ways to go with our great winter-escape of 2011 and I hope to be more dedicated with sharing our mis-adventures along the way.

Happy New Year dear friends... x