March 28, 2011

Bubby's for Brunch

Bubby's goes hand-in-hand with Keely Marie, family, NYC & brunch - a fantastical combination of people, places & food!

Bubby's Pies is a restaurant in NYC that cooks-up good 'ole fashioned comfort food & has a reputation to boot. We first visited for dinner as a family over Christmas break 2009, care-of Keely's recommendation (she is a food/style/shopping guide extraordinaire who I would like to carry in my pocket everywhere I go please!).

We decided to try the Brooklyn location for a change of scenery & loved it. Bubby's is the perfect spot for a family of 8 adults & 3 kiddies. The food choices are warmly familiar & full of flavor & the view of Manhattan across the East River is truly something.

Sadly, I have limited pictures of this outing as it was F-REEZING cold & I wasn't too keen on becoming a popsicle in the middle of the street. What I did take was blurred by my shivering little hands. Case in point -

It was only one visit, but Bubby's holds a special place in my heart and this past Christmas Keely gifted me the Bubby's Brunch Cookbook, which I didn't even know existed. [I tell you, extraordinaire!]

It is jammed-packed FULL of great muffin & bread recipes, egg dishes, pancake, griddle & potato delights. It inspires a brunch experience that can last half the day & ensures you won't want to change-out of your elastic-waisted pajama pant's in a hurry.

Yesterday morning we did just that, cooking-up a storm & lingering over the New York Times. Being about as decisive as a house plant, I opted for both sweet & savory and did not regret a crumb!

[Zucchini, Tomato & Parmesan Omelet]

[Strawberry & Chocolate Muffins]

It was a delightfully tasty homecoming after spending weeks away from Porter Rd. Bubby's food is very flavorful, with echos of Grandma's comfort cooking. And the recipes super easy to follow, which is key when tiredness is combined with morning-hunger.

But one of my favorite things from what Bubby's has to share is in the opening chapter, where he lists a dozen or so different brunch "occasions" & the menu recommendations for each one dependent on the number of guests. Like Valentines Day for 2 or a Spring Picnic for 20!

So..... I'm just going to pretend that we cant eat enough Bubby's food for 20 people and ask - anyone want to come for brunch next Sunday?


March 25, 2011

Friday Inspiration

I recently created a specky looking inspiration board. I lovingly filled it with artsy bits & bobs, pictures from magazines & things that took my fancy, all with the aim of fueling my inner creative being.

4 hours later that board unstuck itself from the wall & fell gracelessly in a heap on the floor.


BUT inspiration shall not be defeated! It lives-on, as I share a little with you to kick-off the weekend & break my blogging drought. Enjoy...

[NYC, Elle Decor Magazine]

[Anthropologie Home]

[Tasty colored spoons by Sabre]

That's a kitchen I could spend the entire weekend in, especially if this Nashville rain hangs-about.

In other news, I was encouraged by a fellow blogger to list 30 things to do before I turn 30 this June. So far, my list has 1 thing on it. Yep. 1. That is the sum total of fabulous, must-do things I could muster. And I'm actually a little too embarrassed to tell you what it is, such is its tragic nature!

Actually, now that I think about it, as if turning 30 wasn't sad enough for me, having a list of 1 reeeeally tops it off.

Any suggestions for "30 things" are extremely welcome!


March 17, 2011

They said he'd never make it...

... And he was booed, heckled, discouraged & laughed-at throughout -

But Big Shano's commitment to the art was unwavering & wrist-hand flair truly quite impressive - especially when you consider he was an ice-skating alligator.

I love my family, the friends they introduce me to & the many belly laughs we get to share together...


March 6, 2011

Lovely Stamps

Yesterday the simplest of ideas in the most quaint sizes took my fancy & made my creative heart pitter-patter.

And so I shall share it with you! The most adorable range of stamps, many with matching pegs & paper clips, by kiki.K Stationary..

Goodnight - xx