September 28, 2011

Tasty Simplicity

It's a new week, and we continue to take each day as it comes. Although sometimes it's a stumble, we are moving forward with renewed hope & experiencing deeper peace as we balance the old with a new.

I hope you understand if I continue to blog within this balance... Sharing our sorrow at times, and at others writing as I have been for years - the happening's of Porter Rd, new tasty foods & road-trip travels.

Today, it's the latter - I am diving back-in with the help of my long-lost kitchen & some long lost fruit.

I've had apples & plums languishing in my fruit draw for about 2 weeks now. Yikes. They're not alone either, they live downstairs from a pair of mushy-brown bananas that are awaiting conversion into a loaf or muffins. But that's for another time!

(And noooo, I don't neglect my fruits on purpose so I can have baked treats in my belly. Tut tut).

This time I'm opting for something non-floured or egged, with Donna Hay's simple...

.... Baked Winter Fruits

I searched-out this little gem thanks to our local favorite breakfast spot, Marche. They serve warm fruits throughout the cooler months & I order it every. single. time. It warms you from the inside out. Delightful!

Now, I admit I've not followed this recipe closely... If at all... Apart from the oven temperature & cooking time! BUT it was inspiration enough & thankfully you can't go too wrong when baking fruits.

Fruit choices can be almost anything that takes your fancy - rhubarb, raspberries, cranberries, pears, blackberries, apricots...

I threw-in some frozen blueberries this time, along with a sprinkle of sugar here & there as I layered the fruit. The sugar quantity is up to you, depending on your sweet tooth & the tartness of the fruit you pick. And I used brown not caster - because, you know, it's "better" for you. A-hem. 

The changes-up don't have to stop there either...

A small sprinkle of spices & essence can really, well, spice things up! Try a dash of Vanilla, or Almond essence, or a shake of Cinnamon or Nutmeg, even a sprinkle of Ginger for that very Fall weather feeling.

This is a wonderful accompaniment, especially as the leaves start to turn, the weather cools & keeping fruit in the diet becomes a bit more challenging.

Serve with some rustic granola & greek yogurt OR plain porridge OR muesli & milk OR warm custard OR pancakes OR french toast.. On & On..

Don't you just love versatile & easy recipes?


September 22, 2011

Florida Weekender

Oh my.. I have only one picture to share from our Florida weekend... 

And it's a picture not even taken IN Florida.

This is Octane Coffee, Atlanta GA. The best coffee on-route from FL to TN.

It's like a little promise of goodness on the long road home.
 Can you see the sparkly glint of glee in Nate's eyes?!

My apologies for the overall lame blogging this week.
We've been a little house of sickness & sleep in-between travels. Boo.

Hopefully we'll be back on form next week.


September 14, 2011

Chicago Weekender

A road trip is one of the best ways for us to exhale.
Even more so if the road is headed for Chicago in the Fall...

I rolled down the windows at dusk to smell the seasonal air as we trekked through corn country.

Nate drove & choose endless, random ipod playlists from years past.

We talked a-plenty. And sat in silence for miles too.

I read pages & pages of books*.

And Nate drove some more...


 [a road somewhere in the corn fields of Illinois.]

[my "spa" efforts to help quicken the journey through the corn fields of Illinois.]

 [waiting for us at the other end - Intelligentsia Coffee. Be still my beating heart.]

[plate-fulls of breakfast goodness to fill our rumbling bellies, anytime of day.]

 [Chicago downtown, late afternoon.]
*The pages = "Kings Cross" by Tim Keller - this book has been food for my soul. 

I picked it up because it wasn't written specifically for times of grief or sorrow. I wanted to read about Jesus. And it shouldn't surprise me that in reading about Jesus, I am finding the comfort, truth & promises I need for this time of grief & sorrow...

"If the sight of Jesus bowing His head into the ultimate storm (the cross) is burned into the core of your being, you will never say "God don't you care?" And if you know that He did not abandon you in that ultimate storm, what makes you think He would abandon you in the much smaller storms you're experiencing right now? And, someday, of course, He will return and still all storms for eternity....

Jesus is the ultimate Parent who has you by the hand & will bring you through the darkest night."


September 8, 2011

1 Month On

I've started, stopped & deleted my blog over & again this week. I know that this is one of the best ways I can keep-up with a few of you, especially over the ocean, so this morning I'll just dive-in & type...

Yesterday marked 1 month of life without the twins. I mention it only because it marks time & I am thankful to see the days add-up. It is helpful to gain distance from the trauma of losing Jack & Lucy, & there is a chance to exhale as we re-enter some of the normal parts of life.

On the weekend we packed-away the baby clothes, toys & blankets we'd been given over the last 6 months, along with the things sent home with us from the hospital. This included Jack & Lucy's hand & foot prints. Despite my nervousness, seeing the prints caused me to smile - I cherish the reminder that these are our twin babes & they are part of our family in a very real & unique way.


I know they are small, but when I saw their foot prints for the first time it amazed me to see that Jack has my feet (which are my dads!), wide with high arches. And Lucy has Nate's, narrow & long. We miss-out on getting to know what else the twins inherited from Nate & I, & that will always be a knot of grief for us. To have those small feet distinctly mark them as ours is very special.

The ache of emptiness left by their absence has not eased. Nor have I ceased to experience moments of shocking sadness at the realization of what we've lost. Nate & I continue each day to lament & question with one another, eventually turning to wrestle with God & throwing Him our painful bafflement. I am thankful His love is deep & constant & His grace eternal throughout.

I pray we can find rest. Rest with where God has us. Patience for working through the quietness & solitude of loss. And an openness to continue to allow Him to enter in to our days.