April 23, 2012


I'd like to say I spent my Californian week being very L-A. Very Hollywood chic. Very manicured & glamorous. Shopping, air-kissing, head thrown back in fabulous laughter.

Buuut, no. There was a teeny bit too much work to get done. And my air-kiss just looks fishy.

SO, instead, I enjoyed a week of sunshine on my shoulders as I tapped-away outside on my laptop, planing for up-coming tour dates in the UK & Australia*.

 {Lemon Tree Love}

Every morning I slinked-out for coffee amongst the trendy set at Coffee Commissary, then scurried home before they noticed my split ends.

And in the evenings, I donned my comfy pants & caught-up on the latest HBO & NBC TV shows, care-of our industry expert host, Allan. 

[Comfy pants are the new "it" thing. Take it from me, I know. I've been in Hollywood....]

The pretty pictures you see are care-of our travels over the 2 weekends, when Nate dragged me out of the house to actually DO stuff.


There we are! Driving around... Nate does usually watch the road, when his wifey isn't chirping away about pictures & instagram & other distracting things.

Work or no work, loud times or quiet, I thoroughly enjoy this State & all its shiny, sunny, colorful goodness. 

Time to head for home now, while my chipped nails don't seem too unsightly & I still enjoy eating carbs.


*WHOO! Concert dates in Sydney, Canberra & Adelaide. More details can be found here.

April 19, 2012

Easter Eats

With niggling homesickness threatening to over-run the Easter weekend, we obviously found comfort in a lovely array of food. Wonderful, tasty, photogenic food!

{Key Lime Pie, care-of hostess-with-the-mostess Courtney}

 {Poached Egg on Smashed Pea & Goats Cheese Bruschetta, care-of Donna Hay}

 {Ricotta & Lemon Pancakes, care-of Smitten Kitchen}

And the piece de resistance... !!

{Hot Cross Buns of Love}


April 11, 2012

Coloring-In Complete

Porter Rd is sporting new colors!


Thanks to your encouragement & some favorable spring weather, we picked our color palette & gave the door, shutters & porch floor a new coat of paint {Ethel even scored a fresh dress of yellow}.

Nate & I sit on this front porch every morning we are in town (standard dress code: pajamas). 

We drink coffee & read together, watching as East Nashville wakes-up. It gets all the morning sunshine & is fast becoming one of my favorite spots at Porter Rd, after several years of neglect.

Visitors welcome anytime!


April 6, 2012


"By His wounds we are healed"
{1 Peter 2:24}

The Nashville skies have just darkened & clouded-over as I type, bruised with stormy color. It feels fitting as I sit here thinking on Easter, & especially Good Friday.

I read an essay by Helmut Thielicke recently, commenting on how churches are full on Good Friday, because of our ability to connect with the humanness of death, the heartbreak of pain & suffering. 
Jesus hanging on the cross is seemingly more credible for us.

 Come Easter Sunday, churches turn strangely empty, the resurrection of Jesus being an "addition difficult to digest". That this One Man would not be bound by death, but defeat it forever for all who believe, is a miraculous event.

I can understand why the church today might find that a harder story to communicate.
But then Thielicke goes-on to say...

The remarkable, unbelievable truth actually rests in the story of Good Friday - that the Son of God would come down into the trenches where we live, suffer as a man in the flesh alongside us, as one of us, & endure death on a Cross for us. That is the truly "absurd, incredible fact".

Immanuel, God with us, went to the very heartbreaking depths of what it means to be human, & not a bit less, so that we would not be alone nor have to plunge the full depths ourselves. His humanness has been sinking-in with new meaning for me this Easter.

And in just a little while - 2 days by our Easter calendar - a glorious, joy-filled new day dawns. 
What a promise of things to come!


["Christ and the Meaning of Life", Helmut Thielicke]