November 23, 2012


"Assemble in your imagination all the friends you enjoy being with... the most delightful of shared experiences, the people with whom you feel completely alive - that is a hint at heaven"*

-- Laity Lodge Food Retreat, Nov 2012 --
 {Sally, Amy, Steven, Katherine, Me, Nate, Keely & Gabe}

This is a collection of some of the most wonderful people I know. They are a creatively talented bunch, deep thinking, generously kind and hearty joksters. They each seek to love well and journey with wonder - and I'm the lucky duck that gets to hang-around by virtue of a talented husbando!

We are spread across the country from top to bottom (or traveling across it, frequently absent from Nashville), so the chance to all be in one place, at the one time, is a treat.

And, oh, the women folk... I believe I strained facial muscles, laughing non-stop at their immense silliness.

 {Don't be alarmed.. Keely is simply demonstrating her mastery of mime - a basic teeth removal move for Sally's squeamish delight}

I'm very thankful for these lady-loves and the wisdom and joy they share with me. While absent from my sisters, they help fill a void here on the other side of the ocean!


[*Eugene Peterson, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction]

November 19, 2012

Blue Knit

How is it that a small bundle of blue knit can turn me cluckety-clucky.. It makes me smile and sigh a little, every time I look at it... So small and soft.

This teeny item has me as eager to meet our little guy as anything. And I've been told there are more to come, thanks to my Granny's expert knitting skills!

She makes these beautiful items without blinking an eye and I'm a very grateful recipient, especially considering my own questionable knitting efforts.

Let's hope the TN weather stays cool long enough for him to sport a variety of stylish sweaters & cardy's about town.

{Thanks Granny, baby boy is already so spoiled.}


November 15, 2012

I spy with my little eye...

I pretty winter coat.

My sister was late-night internet surfing & spotted this lovely army-green coat over at Emerson Made. Into my inbox she sent it this morning, to which I responded "yes! I do love it!".

We both work from home and mostly dream of the need for this street-wandering, urban chic number. But girls can dream...


November 3, 2012

Bump On Board

Porter Stories is back from an unplanned, poorly communicated hiatus, and we return with glad tidings to share! There is a baby-boy Tasker bumbling away.

We are in hopeful expectation of this new little life, due to arrive early in the new year.

I am almost 22 weeks along and each check-up has gone smoothly. We are very thankful for a healthy looking baby, all limbs accounted for!

The little guy has made sure not to go unnoticed, moving & poking around every day since early-on, and it's been a gracious gift to calm my nerves as we count the weeks.

We have definitely experienced moments of anxiety... Unexpected loss has a way of planting the niggling thought that something will go wrong.

As in all things, we pray that we can leave this with God & trust His plans. Baby-boy is His, from beginning to end, and we prayfully anticipate that this rascal will be a keeper.

I look forward to sharing the coming months with joy & thanksgiving.