December 25, 2012

{Virtual} Christmas Card

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

"He is sending us a Light from Heaven / To shine on us like the sun / To shine on those who live in darkness" 
 [Jesus Storybook Bible, SLJ]

MUCH love, from Porter Rd.

December 7, 2012

Bump Update

I know.. A teeny bit predictable.. It's a requirement as one living overseas from female family relations!

Taken last weekend, baby boy bump at 26 weeks -

He continues to be a mini acrobat (or boxer), rolling & punching around in there, very happy to spend all day saying hello. 

(Oh, and since I've only JUST stopped sweating after a brief look at prams today, I hope he likes being carried everywhere.)

Here ends my bump report!


December 4, 2012

8 Years Wedded

Thank you for 8 years and counting, my beloved.


Thank you for being my absolute best friend and the one I never tire of spending time with.

For perfecting the making of pancakes on a Sunday morning.

For forgiving my faults.

For being the best travel companion.

For staying so close when I'm entirely useless.

For loving and missing my dad so deeply.

For liking British television and tea-drinking as much as I do. 

For listening and listening. And then listening some more.

For still being the one who makes me laugh until I cry... (most impressively when I'm trying so hard to be mad.)

For loving Jesus.

For inspiring me creatively.

For your patience and grace.

For all this, and SO much more, I'm incredibly thankful.

8 years and counting, my beloved.