February 28, 2012

Seen & Done: New York City

We took a trip to a grand old favorite & walked till we could walk no more.
It was a short & sweet weekend, packed-full of the streets, cafes & people we love to love...



{Bluebird Cafe, Bowery. Look at their birdy wallpaper.}

Sunday's sunny winter weather made for a splendid mosey through Central Park...


...Which felt very fitting after church & pancakes with the lovely Miss Sally LJ.

Rockerfeller Center.

A date with Mary Poppins was the perfect end to the weekend, singing our way through familiar tunes & being dazzled by a LOT of "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" hand actions. Phew.

 And of course, lots of pretty, artsy, unexpected delights for the eyes to spy throughout our weekend wanderings.

 {John Derian Company Inc. Where Decoupage plates takes on a WHOLE new meaning.}

 {Anthropologie Install, Rockerfeller Center}

 {Lord & Taylor Window Display, 5th Ave. Me-thinks I'll only ever be on this side of the glass, but with such pretty things to look at I'm ok with that}

Best of all, my precious mum has been visiting & was with us to rug-up against the chill, trek around & survive on cupcakes & coffee for lunch!

I am so thankful for her time here & proud of how she continues to dive-in & enjoy each new adventure!


February 19, 2012

Seen & Done: Texas

Last weekend we ate, sang, drove & friended our way around a teeny part of Texas.

Fittingly, this weeks blog is bought to you by snapshots from the darling town of Fredericksburg & the tasty-plates of Austin...
... along country roads of sand & scrub
toward a town of german charm

fredericksburg is a little jewel in the middle of mighty texas,
serving plate-fulls of germanic originals to fill our bellies

& bubbling over with creative gems 
to make my heart go pitter-patter


then onto the capitol of austin & the warmth of a driskill brunch
to melt the sleet & snow falling outside

and a newly discovered cafe, a chance encounter,
quickly sewn into our over-caffeinated hearts as a "must".
{caffe medici}


February 8, 2012


During January & February we celebrate the birth of two of our three fantastical nephews.

I remember clearly the days both of these two stinkers were born. Word of their arrival introduced a whole new level of excitement, joy, protectiveness & amazement into my world. It was instant, unquestionable love.

As much as I appreciate being an Aunty who can hark back to the infant days, I love, to my core, seeing these bruisers grow-up, throw their personalities into the mix of our family & become little men. 

And never more so than when they take to the ring & wrestle it out.

Nate & I could watch & cheer for hours.  

[Mid-fight I do start to wonder if we should be more concerned, but then get all distracted by body slams & headlocks.]

We get a good belly laugh & ponder how the chips (or teeth..) will fall in the years to come. I have a feeling our blond gentleman will have to keep-up his Forrest-like running* with Master J in pursuit.

I am THANKFUL for these two utterly different but wonderfully lovable chaps.

[And a poo-poo to the parents who intervened this particular day. Those of us in the cheap seats were just settling-in...]


*seriously, he's like a wind-up toy.