March 29, 2012

Oh Boy

Master Jonty has a new sidekick!

Steph and Shane have lost their parent-child ratio advantage.

And we all have a sweet, new baby to love.

Please meet the person recently arrived to snatch our hearts, without having to do anything but be adorably small, squirmy & family.
Oscar Benjamin.


Is is strange to affectionately stoke a computer screen??
Hmmm... perhaps.

How I wish the ocean wasn't so wide & the distance seemingly endless. We are itching to hold this little pumpkin of a nephew in our arms.


March 26, 2012

Weekend Glimpses

Things that happen when the husbando is absentee from Porter Rd:

Bake Sale baking.

{Carrot Cupcakes c/o Smitten Kitchen. Delish!}
Reading in the sunshine at Ugly Mugs.

Photo's of sweet smelling spring flowers.

(is that even a word? And it really should be lumberjilling. That's definitely not a word.)


The End.

March 22, 2012


I haven't shared a recipe in a while & this gem from Food & Wine seemed too good to keep to myself..


A creamy-cheesy pasta with green vegetables - I believe that means the good cancels-out the bad, yes?

This dish is easy (minimal number of ingredients), fresh (crisp greens), tasty (thanks to flavorful Shiitake mushrooms) & open for personal add-in's. 

I stuck to the recipe this time, but could imagine a touch of chili or white wine would be welcome.

And if vegetarian is not your schtick, grilled chicken would be a perfect addition!


March 20, 2012

Tomato Red

A teeny smidgen of an update on Porter Rd's front door make-over.

It does look quite fluro-red here, but do not fret, it's actually a little more mild than that. If you decide to pop-by for a cup of tea or deliver a letter, I assure you, you will not burn your retina's.

I muchly appreciated everyone's color feedback too! Red was the popular vote, so I followed suit, but not before some serious consideration [my attempt at pretending I'm not swayed by popular demand..]

Up next - black shutters & a fresh coat of yellow for Ethel.

Ciao for now...

March 10, 2012


I have been day-dreaming today... 

We made the most of a warm Nashville Saturday by cleaning-up the front & back porch {"summerizing" - Nate's sarcastic Martha Stewart word-of-the-week}, and my thoughts got to wondering about sparkling-up our curb appeal.

Fact #1: I am an unskilled landscaper & neglectful plant mother. It would be over-ambitious to embark on major greenery efforts. Fact #2: I luuurve to paint - it is my easy go-too & doesn't fail from lack of water or pruning. 

SO, both facts combined have led to the quick conclusion that I MUST give our front door & shutters a fresh, new outfit!

With a lot of colors swirling inside my brain, I took it to Photoshop to see what might work. Here are 4 ideas...

What do you think?? I would love some feedback.

And if you like seeing how it's really done, here is what the world wide web sprung forth when I was searching for inspiration...

Oh, how I wish a pink door was in my future! But I can't quite see Naters going for that...

I hope to have an update soon on where we land with coloring-in here at Porter.


March 7, 2012

Seen & Done: North Carolina Coast

On Saturday we drove East, and then some, over bridges & inlets, to a strip of land called the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

This region is truly outer. It sits on the very edge of the State, a thin & wispy bundle of sand - as if the people that first picked the spot wanted to get as close as possible to the ocean, without entirely slipping-in. {Those are my kind of people!}

As we drove through the night & I watched our little dot on the google map creep east, I swore that this visit we'd walk the 1 block east from our accommodation & actually see the ocean.

Unlike past visits, where lack of time or rain thwarted my plans, this time, by early evening, the wind had calmed-down just enough...

{I call this one: "Lone Man on Beach... Almost Freezes His Buttooty Off"}


We rugged-up for an old-fashioned, hand-walking wander & I'm so pleased we did. At this time of year the beach is wildly beautiful & wonderfully deserted. The sounds & smells of the ocean never get old & always feel like a piece of home.


March 4, 2012

Sneaky Grief

That's what my dear friend Katherine calls it... Sneaky grief.

Such a perfect way to describe moments of sadness that drop-in unannounced.

I'd not really experienced it until this week - when a stealth gloom crept in, scrambling my brain & making small hurdles look enormous. I cried for the first time in months - messy, snotty, ugly crying! - & missed our twins enormously; felt the gaping hole left by my dad. The absence of these lives made me want to crawl into bed, sleep for a week & ignore what God might have to say about it. That's the honest truth.

{And this, after months of doing great!}

It was an unsettling slump, & proof that grief doesn't have a time-frame or a formula to follow. I've also realized afresh that my heart is so prone to wander from the truth when it is hurting - heavenward fist-shaking doesn't get neatly wrapped-up within the first month of grief, as I first thought.

I share these little thoughts because (a) it can be therapeutic for me (selfish, I know!) and (b) because I wondered if others feel the same, & need to know their not alone when grief rudely slaps them in the face without warning! The understanding of another can be the light that brightens a day of gray.

I have been so grateful for Katherine's understanding of sneaky grief. And my mum's reminders that grief can't be rushed, that it's Ok to lose your smile for a day or two, & that God is still good.


{My smile wasn't lost for long... I am a sucker for a good laugh, & when you live with a man that sings or whistles half of what he wants to say, it's unavoidable.}