June 28, 2012

Collingwood Crazy

I hope to avoid simply reporting back to you our travel diary from the preceding weeks... A list of "here & there" is not all that exciting. And yet, it has been several weeks of here & there. So, what to share?

Perhaps a somewhat embarrassing, revealing, shameless video of football fanatics, singing their teams victory song? Why not...

You can't say I don't love you, my blogging friends! I have exposed my singing soul (& often disliked team colors) for all to see!


[Yes, Ma-Ruthie does approve of her world wide web screaming debut. SUCH a stylish good sport...]

June 6, 2012


Argh, birthdays. The mixture of happiness for celebrating & poopiness for turning a year older.

I've never been one to really mind watching the calendar turnover, but this year I was less than thrilled.


Yep, I do believe it warrants a computer frowny face. That's how unimpressed I was.

I kinda thought my 31st birthday would look a little different this year... Or at least, our life's patterns & home sphere would have taken on a different ebb & flow. 

It's hard not to feel stalled when waiting for a little one to arrive & join the team. 

BUT...        (I love a good but... shame on you for mentally adding a "t")

My gorgeous husband and precious family & friends, near & far, turned my frown upside down & I had one of the most lovely birthdays I can remember. 

Time on the porch, telling tales & laughing, capped-off a really good day, free of any birthday-blues...


THANK YOU - friends near & far - for a wonderful 31st birthday.
[And thank you plates of sugary treats. You served a worthy cause.]

I will save my aching joints / graying hair whinge for another time...