August 25, 2012

Read & Eat

A slow Saturday morning date with the Nate [& Jamie Oliver].

I've decided Jamie's too passionate about food, & interesting in his food discoveries, to not read this new recipe collection like a book. That's a first for me.
Fittingly, I began with the breakfast chapter, & it didn't disappoint!

Oh, & the actual food - YUM.

After years [years, I tell you!] of searching for the "just right" Banana bread recipe, Jamie's is the winner*.

Get. In. My. Belly.


[*the extra twist in Jamie's recipe? wet & oiled parchment paper.]

August 22, 2012

Working Girl

This girl's been working 9-5. Clocking-in & out. Hence my silence down the line. The last 3+ weeks have been spent at Charlie Peacock's studio helping-out, while one of his team is away.

Usually, if I wanted to work in my pajamas all day* & tell my boss to stop interrupting me, I could. If Monday needed to be a "personal day" for movie marathon's or time to catch-up on blogging, then hoorah for me! So, this recent set-up has felt most grown-up.

While I'm quite behind on grocery shopping & house cleaning (kudos to full-time, out-of-house workers) it's been a wonderful experience. I feel very lucky to live in a city of creative people, embarking on artistic endeavors that I get to help out of the nest & into the big wide world. None more-so than Charlie Peacock.

After 13+ years, Charlie is re-entering the world of album releases & tours, & I can't wait to watch it all unfold. It's going to be a blast! [Check-out pre-release glimpses of Charlie's songs & sights here.]


*Charlie is a solid supporter of pajamas, but probably not as my chosen work attire. Early days still...

August 10, 2012

12 months, 2 words

There are probably lots of words I could use to describe how I feel 12 months on from losing our twin babies. The two I keep circling around this morning are time & thankfulness.
Time... It adds-up & pushes forward. It places days & months between ourselves & our heartbreak. It’s like padding around the edges… Instead of having the sharp, harsh realities of shocking loss weighing constantly on my heart, I have some protection against the hurt. Time helps hide the memories in the recesses of my heart, where I have to choose to find, unpack & reflect on them.
I believe time is a gracious gift from God to help us recover, giving us space to breathe & the chance to see life put itself back together again. 
Thankfulness… To be here now, living & loving well, where previously our life felt like a barren desert. In the days following Jack & Lucy’s arrival it scared me how hollow & pointless I felt. I kept asking Nate – will we ever feel like ourselves again, will we actually recover ourselves from under the mountain of grief? I’m incredibly thankful to answer yes. We are whole & complete, even if we are an altered version of ourselves.
And I am thankful for the countless opportunities we’ve had to share the story of Jack & Lucy and receive in return the stories of others. It’s been both humbling and nourishing to experience the family of God in this way. We truly carry one another along the way.
Honestly, I’ve not reached a place of being thankful for the overall, entire journey from the last year. And I’m not sure time will change how I feel about that. I would trade in a heartbeat the lessons I’ve learned & the connections we’ve made with people, to have 2 babes crawling over my feet right now. And in twenty years time, maybe I’d trade even quicker, if it meant getting to know the people Jack & Lucy would’ve become. 
But that’s the perspective of my own small self. How wonderful to have a God who’s eye sees so much further & whose plans are so much richer than we can ever imagine or understand. That is where I choose to rest. 
{To read the twins story from the beginning, please click "Twin's" under topics, just to your right, & scroll down.}

August 7, 2012

Scenes of the Countryside

Australia's fun, bustling & sparkling cities aren't quite complete without the miles of country road that links them together.

We took to the road this visit, instead of the air, & it gave us the chance to see once again just how beautiful & special Australia is.

I used to think of my homeland as a dry, sprawling country that looked the same as almost anywhere else. But having been to a few other "elses" over the years, I now know that the bright, crisp colors of Australia are unique. The varied & open landscape, uninhabited for miles, is a rarity. The peace & quiet of a country road is hard to find.

We loved every kilometer.. Even if another living soul wasn't seen for hours on end, & when they were, they ran a single-pump gas station with a resident budgerigar in the bathroom. Thank you township of Keith for your feathery bathroom attendant.