January 12, 2013

Project: Dresser

A new piece has arrived at Porter! And it's patiently sitting on the porch awaiting a make-over.

This darling little item is going to be sanded free of it's cream & gold trim...

And {I think} covered in a fresh coat of glossy cherry/paprika/tomato red* paint, complete with some new hardware. Tasty

It's then headed for baby boy T's room, to bring a pop of color in an otherwise fairly subtle space of blues & grays. 

Tomorrow the sanding begins. Updates pending! 


*hmm.. red, is red, is red. They all start to look the same after a while! Hopefully the little sample pots will clear things up for me.

January 3, 2013

Shower Power

Last night I put my introverted self aside and took center place at my first {ever} baby shower. A small step for most normal human beings. A big step for me.

 {pic care-of gooodwomann}

Thanks to three wonderful and generous hosts {below} and a group of lovely friends, the pending arrival of baby boy Tasker was joyfully celebrated.

And I managed to make it through without becoming a flushed and sweaty mess. Whoop!

{Chrissie, Katherine & Cari}

My nerves and hesitations were totally unfounded... A night of cake and sweet treats. Adorably small and soft baby gifts. Time with girlfriends. What's not to love!

I should have dived into this showering world months ago!

MANY thanks to my dear hosts and friends {and far-away sisters} for spoiling me and loving this little boy so well.