February 5, 2013

Bump Update

The next baby boy bump report is here! From what we've been told, he is excelling in the area of chubbiness, and I'm pretty sure it's started to show...

Here we are at 35 weeks -

[Santa Monica, CA]

By total coincidence, 4 years ago to the day I stood in the exact. same. spot! With slightly less carry-on, it's true.. (but funnily enough, the same handbag - Longchamp has stood the test of time!)

I remember the day well... Soaking up the CA February sunshine, laughing at my winter-white legs and wandering down onto the sand for some time by the ocean. It was lovely.

A lot has transpired between then and now. Thankfully, the present day was just as lovely, wandering the Santa Monica beachside with Naters and wondering about bringing baby boy back next year.


February 2, 2013

Project: Armchair

The next nursery furniture re-do is up! This one will be left to the pros, but still worth a before & after, yes? ....

Please meet my finest [free] curbside find to-date - 1 of 2 yellow velvety Granny armchairs:

This beauty and it's mate were sitting lonesomely on the side of the road in our neighborhood and were too lovely to pass-up. Despite his major hesitations, Nate loaded them into the van and I clapped my hands with glee!

After a stint on the back porch to ensure nothing crawled out of them [Nate's request] I removed their frilly dust ruffle, gave them a thorough vacuum, and welcomed them into our furniture family. 

That brings us to now! One of the chairs is getting a clean, new velvety cover of blue for Baby T's room, and I'm just a wee bit excited. I've been day-dreaming about this for a while.

All I have to do now is overcome my uncertainty about the world of fabric & pick a color!

I'll jump back here to report on progress and the "after" story, once I work through my indecision!