March 27, 2013

It's Been A Month...

 So far, so good! Four weeks into his new world adventure and Theo is settling into the groove.

Mostly he's working on the usual baby skill set of "in one end, out the other", with some crying, sleeping and burping mixed throughout.

I'm sure Nate and I stare at Theo for longer than is normal... Talk in far too much detail about his simple little happenings... I do more washing than expected for such a teeny human... And have NO clue where the hours disappear to in a day - the fact that this blog is only 1 day late is a miracle!

Best yet, we've had family in town to enjoy and delight in our little guy. I've decided that the joys of life (and heartaches) aren't fully realized until shared and experienced with community, and the most special community for me is family.

I'm looking forward to posting a cousin/aunty/grannie blog next!


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Stephi Peacock said...

He is absolutely beautiful.