March 3, 2013

He's Here!

- Theodore "Theo" Douglas Tasker -
Born Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

This little rascal entered the world 2 weeks early, deciding that he was well baked and needed to meet us. For those who like specifics - Theo weighed-in at 7lbs, 14oz and was 21" long. A real rib-bruiser!

Theo's arrival wasn't without a smidgen of drama - being that Nate was in Arizona the morning I went into labor and had 7 hours of unchangeable travel before he could get to Nashville.

Our dear friend Courtney* kept me company the ENTIRE day in hospital - such patience! - and thankfully Theo stayed put until Nate arrived.

[With Court at our baby shower, the week before]

[Court's bedside manicure treat]

God graciously provided Nate and I with a peace throughout that all would be well - despite the desperate dash across the country! - and a labor experience that couldn't have gone better.

And Theo... Well, he is delightful! We are utterly smitten, and a little amazed he is actually here, full formed, healthy and all ours to keep! It's a surreal adjustment.


We are incredibly thankful and looking forward to sharing more of the little guy with you in the coming months.


*I let Court know she has to be my friend for life now, since I'm preeeeetty sure she saw my butt cheeks more than a few times. #hospitalgowns


SophR said...

Cass you look amazingly well and Theo is just scrumptious! Enjoy these first few days of being a mum. So happy for you! xxx

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OH MY GOSH! What a blessing! SOOOOOOOO Excited that he's finally here!!! We are praying for you two as you start your new adventure as mom/dad!!! You are going to be AMAZING parents!!!

You look beautiful in this picture and Nathan looks super happy!

I'm filled with joy and celebrating this new little one!!!

Welcome to the world, Theo!!! <3

Catherine said...

I'm SO thrilled for you 3 to have each other! Can't wait to meet Theo!

Anonymous said...

soooo excited for you all - Cass your delight is just so evident, and Nate looks like he has this dad thing under control! What a little darling you have brought into the world, and thanks be to God that it all came about! can't wait to have a cuddle with Theo, but guess it will be when he's a bit older and bigger than he is now! God bless! (great) Auntie Kaye xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow oh serious wow ... you hot hot mumma! :) Thanks for sharing with us all the little deets, piccys & all. We all WANT to journey with you & see all three of you, grow & learn ... so keep.erm.comin! I'm seriously thinking of you both as you make big changes, & see new things, love Nomes xo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! So happy for you two! What a beautiful Family!!!!