November 4, 2013

Picking Back Up

My last post was almost 2 months ago. Yikes.

I may have dropped-off the pace a little. Just a teeny-tiny smidgen. And I believe I could list a few reasons why...

1. The hostile takeover by Sir Baby Chunk, who has enforced a law that calls for personal assistance during meal times, bath times & social interactions.
2. The just slightly less than usual amount of sleep each evening.
3. The slow pace at which my brain wants to currently function.
4. The energy sucker that is called "nursing". Sorry fellas, but it's truth.
5. My fear of only having one topic to blog about (see numbers 1 through 4).

My days have slowed considerably, but there is seemingly a lot less time in each one. A strange phenom. I flip open my laptop to blog but am distracted by, or even anxious about, what other more practical things I could be doing in the time I have while Sir B.C. sleeps.

I'm a doer. A get it done kind of girl. Set a task, write a list, push-on until everything is crossed-off. I enjoy completeness, which at its extreme is a fallen part of my character, and with an 8 month old, an almost impossible reality to maintain.

I'm very. slowly. learning, by the patient grace of God and the wisdom of others, to rest where I am, amidst the undone things of each day. The incompleteness is not a failing or incompetency - this usually being the source of my anxiety - instead it's the perfect portion God has given me in this season.

And now, to end on a completely unrelated note, a picture from NYC last month - where our coffee dates looked very different from past visits.

[Bluebird Coffee: there is a little floating head between me and my tasty latte.]