April 30, 2013

Helping Hand(s)

I've been spoiled. Lulled into a safe, cozy harbor of comfort by my dear mum who put her life on hold and came to do life here in Nashville for the past 6 weeks.

Groceries were on demand.

Carpets vacuumed.

Nap times uninterrupted.

Hair washed on time.

Company for walks, late nights and meal times while Nate traveled out of town.

The poopiest of diapers changed (& with such willingness! I actually started to think I'd be doing her a disservice if denied the task).

Given my current, slightly disarrayed state, there is a chance I may have forgetten that I actually had to do this mum thing on my own! So very spoiled... Mum's visit was a gift, and like only mum's can, a great reassurance that I wont break the baby.

In return? Oh, she got hers... Theo had a surprising number of "unsettled" times that Granny just happened to know how to solve.

Mum left last Tuesday... Nate left 2 days later... From 6 hands down to 2....

.... I'm typing this in my pajamas. 


April 15, 2013

Cousin Love


Oscar came to visit! It was the sweetest watching Theo meet one of his cousins.

Such immediate joy & affection... At least on Oscar's part... I beleive Theo catching-up in the eye-focusing / neck control / fine motor-skill departments will help!

We pray these two little ones look-out for each other & develop a dear friendship over the years, even across the many miles.

Nate & I know we'll have to be intentional to connect Theo with all his far-away family & make their presence felt with photos & videos, even maps! These pictures are hopefully the first of many to help build a story that anchor's Theo in familial love.