June 12, 2013

Honey, lets take a holiday beside the sea

Truth time: we are indecisive holiday planners. We 'um & ah' over when; where; how much to spend; how long to go for; should we drive, fly or paddle; will it be rainy or sunny; high season, low season, mosquito season? On and on and on.

We talk ourselves in circles until we eventually decide it's just easier to stay home.

Travel for work? Sure. Travel for vacation? Hopeless.

Last week, uncharacteristically, we had a few chats, made a few phone calls & road- tripped on down to Rosemary Beach, Florida. Just like that. All grown-up.

Baby chunk cruised down the highway for 8+ hours with us, grabbing lunch at a truck stop like an old pro. And we, for the first time in months, saw the ocean. The glorious, vast blue sea we miss so much! We breathed in the salty air, squished our toes in the sand, and wandered amongst the many pastel shirted families of summertime.

Rosemary Beach is one of the more unique and interesting seaside towns we've visited in America, made-up of row upon row of beautiful holiday homes and pretty gardens, and bikes for hire to ride amongst it all. (Theo's wobbly infant head issues sidelined the bike idea and we opted to walk instead.)

It was probably a teeny-tiny bit naive to take a 3 month old on a beach holiday. His precious lily-white skin needing to be protected from the sun; nap times, feed times, exploding poopey-diaper times all occurring beside the sea. It did make for quite a different trip and we had to adjust our expectations along the way. I'm sensing a general parental nod across the internet...

The lazy balcony hangs were shorter and our dips in the ocean no longer as a twosome. Finishing a magazine article took me the better part of a day!

Be that as it may, we didn't want to delay in initiating Theo into the ways of his coastal-dwelling people. In my Australian heart I believe he took it all in, watching the children who can control their wobbly heads play in the sand, dreaming of a time when he will too...

And in years to come, we will tell him all about the first family holiday we took beside the sea.