July 26, 2013

Baby Cave

Theo {politely} booted-out future house guests and inherited a space that is quite large for a teeny-tiny human - especially one who presently has no ability to sit unassisted [the little monkey rolls around on a few square inches of space and I'm here mulling over furniture and wall hangings!]

Because of the size of the room - plus budget, time, a pending Aussie tour and major issues with procrastination - it's been a work in progress. I'm slowly covering the empty walls and filling-up the carpeted area, in the hopes of creating a space that is welcoming and warm.

How urgently does a 5 month old need to lounge in his upholstered armchair, afterall? 

Here are some highlights from Theo's baby cave -

New and pre-loved books.. Note: "Counting Rhymes" by Little Golden Books is a touch more racists than I remember as a child. Can't say I didn't chuckle.

 [Letters by dear friend Keely Scott, from our pre-baby party]

A formerly yellow granny armchair, turned new and blue!
Sitting pretty is Xander the Zebra, bought all the way from Africa with Aunty Katherine.

[See the original granny chair at Project: Armchair]

[Prints from Paper-Sparrow]

My all-time favorite reclaimed furniture item at Porter Rd - Theo's gloss red dresser with snazzy gold and glass handles. This may eventually get a blog post all its own, but until then, you can spy the original at Project: Dresser.

Nate's contribution, made with love - a Lego Sydney Opera House. Pieces of home. Literally.

Harvey, from Aunty Bel, keeping an eye over things from the bookshelf.
Canvas art by Sandra's McCraken's littlies, a gift given while I was in hospital with the twins.

Theo's corner of sleepy goodness and the most complete of all 4 corners in his room.
[Crib from Babyletto; rocking chair, similar; rug from Amazon.com; "This is New York" wall calendar; curtains from UO]

Zooming in... This beautiful blanket was knitted by both my Grandma's - Granny Kate started it and Grandma Philbey finished it, before my older sister was born. I love seeing it each time I walk into Theo's room. It's a reminder of the women I love and miss, who are a part of Theo's story.

And just in case you think this all looks fluffy and full and finished... Hello blank wall space! Tis not the only one..


July 10, 2013

From the Camera Roll

As much as I'd hoped to write and share about a marvelous design feat or a new recipe triumph, my days are circling around a little person who magically makes my time disappear! I've not had too many spare hours to tinker and snap pictures of a new endeavor. 

Turns-out, presently, HE is my new endeavor!

Try as I might to come-up with something outside the realm of baby, alas, my camera roll consists of him, and therefore, so too shall this blog post.

Here below, the faces of Theo, 4 months old -