September 8, 2013

Snapshot: Plane Ride

There was a small but definite sense of dread as we sat down to begin the 14hr+ flight from Los Angeles to Sydney.

The little baby chunk was embarking on his first long, up in the air, no way to escape, journey.

As pleasant and {mostly} predictable as he may be, he has a rare talent for squealing like a banshee when the mood takes him. Say, if he's tired, hungry, dirty - these three things being the cornerstone of his baby activities.

I had a hunch his vocal stylings would not be so kindly received by a cabin full of slumbering strangers. 

Not to mention my own {delusional} new-mama desire to still travel like I did before - watch a couple of movies, cozy-up for some uninterrupted book time and 6+ hrs of sleep, all combined neatly with baby's needs.

*cue experienced-parent patting of my sweet little ignorant head*

Thankfully - HUGE "thankfully" - the baby chunk kept his squeals and squirms of discontent on the down-low. He nestled into his Qantas rent-a-pillow and played it like an old pro.

(I did not crack the cover of my new book. Or watch a full film uniterrupted. Or sleep for 6+ hrs. But I did exhale & allow the ball of anxiety in my belly to relax. I'll take that as a win!)

And so it's decided - we're going to keep him this size forever.


September 2, 2013

Snapshot: Melbourne

How many family members can you fit on a park bench?

Snapped one chilly Melbourne afternoon by my 6 year old nephew, this is one of my favorite photo's from our Australian visit.

I realize it's quite unremarkable... Off-centered. A little out of focus. Missing more than 1 beloved family member. It's a throw-back to film photography, before we could immediately edit and delete.

An imperfect picture capturing a moment I want to remember.

There we are, snuggled on a park bench near the Shrine of Remembrance, taking a momentary rest and chatting about things of little consequence. A real keeper.