July 17, 2014


In the hill country of Texas sits a beautiful sculpture by artist Roger Feldman called Threshold and it is truly one of my favorites.


Planted on an open, small rise of wild grass and looking like it grew out of the ground all on its own, Threshold catches my breath every time it comes into view.

The circular spaces are simply beautiful, with a big Texas sky for a roof and glowing walls of limestone. 

Without any prompt there is a reflective quiet inside this space, a desire to pause, sit and exhale. 

It's a place of immediate heart rest for me, and most likely something different for the next person! Such is the beauty of art, and in particular the kind of art you can step inside of, touch and be enveloped by.

We did take a curious little chap to visit this time, so the sitting was a little less still, but lovely and inspiring all the same.


July 3, 2014

Why, Hellooo There...

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I am indeed still in possession of 10 working fingers. Why they haven't hit the keys in ions is a sadness to me. I've missed it, and seriously wondered if I'd ever type another, non-Instragram sentence again. 

Most likely it's a combination of distraction, mama duties, travel, traveling husband, and a distinct lack of creative confidence. 

There is truly no time like the present, so here I am! Logged-in, tapping away and wondering what might come next. 

A brief update from Porter Rd, if you should desire to know some of what's been so incredibly, deeply pressing as to keep me from being here -

I've been tending to our new little herb garden  and willing the coriander not to die.

Trying my hand at Annie Sloan's chalk paint for a paris-gray, Theo-proof kitchen pantry. 

Becoming a farmers market regular and cooking my way through Bill Granger's "Easy".

Chasing around a baby chunk who found his sea legs in the last month.

Hitting the local pool to pretend that summer in Nashville is not a sweat-box.

Not entirely pressing or urgent matters. Not quite at the level of "State business". This is the home life, pure and simple. Good and sweet.

On this, the eve of July 4, I boldy claim my independenace from distraction and creative doubt and hope to see you here again soon!


March 5, 2014

First Birthday Boy

Baby chunk has turned 1. Numero Uno. A whole year of the calendar marked off for the little fella.
Praise God for His goodness!

Theo had quite the time of celebrating and soaking-up the year-old marker, with festivities and iChats spanning more than a few days - I think he thought this was how life was going to be from now on.

We threw a little shindig with friends and I decided to hurt my brain by looking at 1st birthday party ideas on Pinterest (cue the paper bag) and then baking an array of treats and cutting homemade decorations (cue the deep breaths).

Experienced parents I see you nodding and smiling at my naivety. I just couldn't help myself! Small bursts of first-party excitement turned me into Edward Scissor hands, or Martha Stewart (or both.. now there's a thought..). 

So we happily over catered and spruced-up the place, to wish our oblivious little man a happy 1 year.

It all really was a lot of fun, and with only one small meltdown about icing cakes without a mum or sister in sight, I think we did well! 

Theo certainly seemed very happy with the outcome... And yes, that icing did result in a week of glazed eyes and random teary outbursts. By him. Not me.

This little chunk, with his myriads of facial expressions and moods, has given us a WHOLE lot of joy and delight over the past year. As I wrote when we marked 1 month, we watch and talk and over-analyze this squishy boy more than we thought possible. Our hearts are full!

When he learned to use a sippy cup I cheered. Actual clapping.

We are very thankful for his life and pray each night that God would continue to watch over him and capture his heart for His glory. To be the parents who are a part of the journey (stumbling along as we are!) is a wonder.


February 18, 2014

Rewind: Summertime

I finally uploaded my camera to iPhoto - only a month or two late !
And I found a couple of gems from our summer escape.

Here is to warm rays of sunshine, the smell of sunscreen on my skin and childish adventures.


February 9, 2014

Hopping Back Over The Pond

There is not a single leaf on the {non-evergreen} trees. The ground is frozen solid and every plant in my garden appears dead*.

We have arrived home to Porter Rd during the American winter and the switch from Australia to Nashville has felt startlingly quick.

I'm snuggled-up in my bed, wearing flannel pajamas and thinking of cooking warm porridge for breakfast. How is it that last weekend I stepped out into an oven at my mum's place to drive to the beach?

I could ask that question about a dozen different things... Like how was I just eating dinner and laughing with my sisters and their families? Or how was Theo just in his singlet and nappy for bedtime? How was watermelon, peaches and grapes just in season and now they most definitely are not?

There is a milky-gray sky overhead, threatening snow showers, and I find myself feeling like I've been transported to an entirely different earth.

I thought the "two homes" idea had settled and become comfortable, but try as I might, there is such a distinct break when leaving one home and arriving in the other, it's disorientating. At it's worst, I'm in a no-mans land, between lives, concerned I'll let slip things in Australia that are important to me, while at the same time wanting to connect back-in well with Nashville. 

I just paused at the end of that sentence and sighed... After 8 years I thought I would have this mastered!

I'm trying each time to end-up at a place of thankfulness - usually after some pitiful whingeing and sulking - thankfulness for two homes. Two countries we love. Two communities of wonderful people. Two experiences of this great, big, diverse earth God has placed us on.

Beyond that, honestly, I'm still a total amateur at this business of saying goodbye & settling back in.

Might have to scrap the porridge and go for pancakes instead...


(*Hush, I'm most definitely going to blame the weather...)

January 29, 2014


I hadn't been to Sellicks Beach in years. YEARS. We used to holiday there as a family when I was a little girl and I have very fond memories of playing in the rock pools and scampering about in the beach caves with my sisters. 

Going back this week, each of us now with little families of our own, was a delight beyond what I expected. We drove our cars down onto the sand, set-up an array of tents and shades, and lolled about in the sparkling ocean water. It was a step back in time, since vacation homes and urban sprawl has yet to swallow-up the expansive natural landscape. 


The headland is as open as it always was, pastures right down to the coast.

There are beautiful red, craggy sand dunes and crystal clear water you can see through to the bottom.

The rock pools still have an abundance of little crabs to chase and collect, and the shallow beach-side caves, full of heavy round stones, are undamaged.

All framed by a blue sky as far as you can see…

I felt very thankful to be experiencing Australia in such a tangible way, quiet appropriately on the "Australia Day" public holiday! I had salt water in my hair, sun on my face, sand in my swimmers, a tiny crab pinching my toe, rock pool walking and a round of beach cricket with family. I breathed it ALL in and savored it.

Sellicks Beach is at the end of a long stretch of coastline, just 1 hour from where I grew-up - I can hardly believe it was so available to me for so long, and I never thought much about it. On this splendid day it held new wonder and beauty as I looked at it through the eyes of a landlocked Tennessean, and it's a beauty wild and remarkable enough to pull 2 wandering Aussies home!


I don't think the life of lonesome, beach-shack dwelling hermits is right for us just yet. But it's a tempting thought when I'm hit by nostalgia and I wonder what Theo's childhood memories will be - whether the ocean, and it's glorious surrounds, will tug at his heart and carry the scents of home as it does for me.