March 5, 2014

First Birthday Boy

Baby chunk has turned 1. Numero Uno. A whole year of the calendar marked off for the little fella.
Praise God for His goodness!

Theo had quite the time of celebrating and soaking-up the year-old marker, with festivities and iChats spanning more than a few days - I think he thought this was how life was going to be from now on.

We threw a little shindig with friends and I decided to hurt my brain by looking at 1st birthday party ideas on Pinterest (cue the paper bag) and then baking an array of treats and cutting homemade decorations (cue the deep breaths).

Experienced parents I see you nodding and smiling at my naivety. I just couldn't help myself! Small bursts of first-party excitement turned me into Edward Scissor hands, or Martha Stewart (or both.. now there's a thought..). 

So we happily over catered and spruced-up the place, to wish our oblivious little man a happy 1 year.

It all really was a lot of fun, and with only one small meltdown about icing cakes without a mum or sister in sight, I think we did well! 

Theo certainly seemed very happy with the outcome... And yes, that icing did result in a week of glazed eyes and random teary outbursts. By him. Not me.

This little chunk, with his myriads of facial expressions and moods, has given us a WHOLE lot of joy and delight over the past year. As I wrote when we marked 1 month, we watch and talk and over-analyze this squishy boy more than we thought possible. Our hearts are full!

When he learned to use a sippy cup I cheered. Actual clapping.

We are very thankful for his life and pray each night that God would continue to watch over him and capture his heart for His glory. To be the parents who are a part of the journey (stumbling along as we are!) is a wonder.



tamela said...

We just reached this milestone with our boy, who turned 1 this month! I can so relate to this post and had a good chuckle, you write so well Cassie! What a stunning party, it is clear that a lot of love was poured into the planning. Have fun being 1, Theo! x

dot rogers said...

this will be us in December! eek! already planning now so thanks for the great ideas! Will try and do a blog on it too so if you fancy a read for a read, Thanls for the inspiration! x

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