July 17, 2014


In the hill country of Texas sits a beautiful sculpture by artist Roger Feldman called Threshold and it is truly one of my favorites.


Planted on an open, small rise of wild grass and looking like it grew out of the ground all on its own, Threshold catches my breath every time it comes into view.

The circular spaces are simply beautiful, with a big Texas sky for a roof and glowing walls of limestone. 

Without any prompt there is a reflective quiet inside this space, a desire to pause, sit and exhale. 

It's a place of immediate heart rest for me, and most likely something different for the next person! Such is the beauty of art, and in particular the kind of art you can step inside of, touch and be enveloped by.

We did take a curious little chap to visit this time, so the sitting was a little less still, but lovely and inspiring all the same.


July 3, 2014

Why, Hellooo There...

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I am indeed still in possession of 10 working fingers. Why they haven't hit the keys in ions is a sadness to me. I've missed it, and seriously wondered if I'd ever type another, non-Instragram sentence again. 

Most likely it's a combination of distraction, mama duties, travel, traveling husband, and a distinct lack of creative confidence. 

There is truly no time like the present, so here I am! Logged-in, tapping away and wondering what might come next. 

A brief update from Porter Rd, if you should desire to know some of what's been so incredibly, deeply pressing as to keep me from being here -

I've been tending to our new little herb garden  and willing the coriander not to die.

Trying my hand at Annie Sloan's chalk paint for a paris-gray, Theo-proof kitchen pantry. 

Becoming a farmers market regular and cooking my way through Bill Granger's "Easy".

Chasing around a baby chunk who found his sea legs in the last month.

Hitting the local pool to pretend that summer in Nashville is not a sweat-box.

Not entirely pressing or urgent matters. Not quite at the level of "State business". This is the home life, pure and simple. Good and sweet.

On this, the eve of July 4, I boldy claim my independenace from distraction and creative doubt and hope to see you here again soon!