February 18, 2014

Rewind: Summertime

I finally uploaded my camera to iPhoto - only a month or two late !
And I found a couple of gems from our summer escape.

Here is to warm rays of sunshine, the smell of sunscreen on my skin and childish adventures.


February 9, 2014

Hopping Back Over The Pond

There is not a single leaf on the {non-evergreen} trees. The ground is frozen solid and every plant in my garden appears dead*.

We have arrived home to Porter Rd during the American winter and the switch from Australia to Nashville has felt startlingly quick.

I'm snuggled-up in my bed, wearing flannel pajamas and thinking of cooking warm porridge for breakfast. How is it that last weekend I stepped out into an oven at my mum's place to drive to the beach?

I could ask that question about a dozen different things... Like how was I just eating dinner and laughing with my sisters and their families? Or how was Theo just in his singlet and nappy for bedtime? How was watermelon, peaches and grapes just in season and now they most definitely are not?

There is a milky-gray sky overhead, threatening snow showers, and I find myself feeling like I've been transported to an entirely different earth.

I thought the "two homes" idea had settled and become comfortable, but try as I might, there is such a distinct break when leaving one home and arriving in the other, it's disorientating. At it's worst, I'm in a no-mans land, between lives, concerned I'll let slip things in Australia that are important to me, while at the same time wanting to connect back-in well with Nashville. 

I just paused at the end of that sentence and sighed... After 8 years I thought I would have this mastered!

I'm trying each time to end-up at a place of thankfulness - usually after some pitiful whingeing and sulking - thankfulness for two homes. Two countries we love. Two communities of wonderful people. Two experiences of this great, big, diverse earth God has placed us on.

Beyond that, honestly, I'm still a total amateur at this business of saying goodbye & settling back in.

Might have to scrap the porridge and go for pancakes instead...


(*Hush, I'm most definitely going to blame the weather...)