In a move of adventurous, youthful enthusiasm - read: no serious thought for future repercussions - I moved approximately 9897 miles away from my hometown of Adelaide, and my husband moved 9202 miles from his (Sydney).

A* = Nashville, Tennessee. Home to whiskey, Country Music, Dogwoods and hipsters. 


In an effort to keep connected with family and share our American experience - read: ensure they wouldn't forget about us and therefore be lost in the South forever! - I started writing story's and posting pictures. 

7 years later we're still here and so is this blog.

Full-time music making is our storefront, with a colorful liquorice allsorts life growing-up around it. I share it here - the good, the sad, the pretty and the ordinary... and the spelling mistakes...

My hope is to journey with others, be they near or far; to provide a brief time-out from the day over a cup of tea.

So, let's make a pot and be friends!

(*did you know, the top 5 locations furthest away from Nashville are in Australia? Neither did I until I looked it up on a little thing called the internet.)

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